About Our College

Emmanuel Online Christian College (EOCC)  was inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit anchored on the revealed words of the Almighty God contained in the Word of Life; the Holy Bible. We take Jesus Christ, unapologetically, as the Lord of our spirit, the Master of our souls, and the Savior of our bodies. We believe the Holy Bible is the Manual of Life needed by all human beings to navigate their ways through life on earth. Here at EOCC, we shall provide a Christ-centered, Word-based, quality, and free education to Children/youth around the world using modern technology.

The college, which operates from Cameron near Austin, Texas in the United States, will enroll all youth around the world, irrespective of race, color, gender, social status, economic means, and creed. In other words, non-Christians equally be admitted into our wide-ranging programs of formal secular education and Christian-based curricula. All students must abide by the school’s Statement of Faith.