Caroline Adeolu Ojomo PhD, MA

Dr Ojomo is a widow, married to the late Major-General Olu Ojomo of southwest Nigeria. She is a genuinely-redeemed and Holy Spirit-filled born-again Christian, teacher and apologist. She earned a diploma in commerce from Pittman College & Tottenham Technical College, London UK; University College, Athens GA, USA for her bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics, bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling; master’s degree in Christian Disciples from Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI), Dallas, TX USA; master’s degree and Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Education, Integrity Seminary, Dallas, TX USA. Fondly called “A Mother of Nations” by many Christian brethren she has mentored over the years; she is blessed with many natural and spiritual gifts for His Utmost. She is a widow in sense in the word of God. Known “… for good deeds such as bringing up children, entertaining strangers, washing the feet of the saints, imparting relief to the afflicted, and devoting herself to every good work” (1 Timothy 5:10-11); she is a member, Board of Trustee, Emmanuel Online Christian College (EOCC) , TX USA. She can be reached at +1 832 7819867,