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The World Bank and African Development Bank report there are currently 650 million mobile phone users in Africa surpassing Europe and the United States. In Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, there are more than 40 million mobile users; that figure will climb to 140 million in 2025. Yet, of the 31 million children in Nigeria, according to UNICEF, 13.2 million between the ages of 9 and 15 are not attending school, with 60 percent being girls.  With $10 to $20, you can provide a youth in Africa with traditional, western/ formal, and modern technological education that uses a Christ-centered curriculum while using a mobile phone.

Other modern communication avenues that Western education and technological-based Online Christian College offered to millions, if not billions, of children/youth globally, are as follows:-

Internet:- Google | Facebook | USB | PC | CD

The possibilities are endless through modern technologies.

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Purchase Computer Tablets for our Online Children/youth in Third World and developing nations to access
our Christ-centered and Holy Spirit-filled classes. Pay for teacher’s training, professional
development, and  salaries, including other administrative expenses

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“There are 826 million youth without home computers and 706 million lack Internet access worldwide. Of
these, 89% are without home computers, and 82% are without Internet access, respectively are in
sub-Saharan Africa “—UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics and International Telecommunication
Union, Geneva, Switzerland.

“We must support other alternatives including the use of community radio and television broadcast, and
creativity in all ways of learning”—Audrey Azoulay, Director-General, UNESCO, Paris,

There are more than 3.6 million out-of-school Filipinos, aged 6 to 24 years old, waiting to  be educated through
Emmanuel Online Christian College (EOCC)

In Indonesia, there are 67% of children/youth with access to mobile phones, and another 56 % have access to the Internet and social networks.

In Egypt, 67.7 percent of children/youth have access to a PC at home, while 34.4 percent receive information and communication with others via social networks.

Letter from Board Chairman & President

Welcome to the Emmanuel Online Christian College (EOCC). We are based in rustic, but
beautiful Cameron near Austin, Texas. The inspiration for establishing the Emmanuel Online Christian College for born-again Christian youth through education came from the Holy Spirit. children/youth not yet born -again, Christians are encouraged to enroll in our programs as well.

We look forward to enrolling them as future believers and followers of our Lord, Master, and Savior Jesus Christ.  As the love of the Almighty God extends to all human beings, as He declared to the human race: “For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).

There is no doubt that the world is changing; indeed, we are in a rapidly changing world made flat by modern technology, i.e.,  the Internet, and social media. The swirling events, news, and activities between the developing and the advanced industrialized countries have ignited and closely-knitted together all countries. The world has become interdependent, more so than ever, making educating youth a top priority. The Internet is changing how we relate with one another, obviating the limitations of time and space, thus posing significant challenges to the traditional brick and mortar education system. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our world has changed. For us, as believers of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are witnessing right before our eyes eschatological events heralding the Second Coming of our Lord, Master, and Savior Jesus Christ. We are indeed in the Last Days! Consequently, the Holy Spirit has mandated us to train children/youth in secular and Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-inspired, and Word-based Online Christian Education leveraging on the absolute power of today’s modern technology.

As you peruse through our curriculum, our mission, vision statements, and read through our aims and objectives for every youth, an appreciation of Emmanuel’s life-changing goals is made more evident. After prayerfully considering the options before you as parents and guardians on how to educate your children/youth and wards in this changing environment, we look forward to welcoming motivating youth around the world to enroll in our Online Christian College. Thank you and remain blessed in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Moshood Ademola Fayemiwo, PhD
President & Chairman, Board of Trustee
Emmanuel Online Christian College, TX, USA

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About Us
Emmanuel Online Christian College (EOCC) is inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit anchored on the revealed words of the Almighty God contained in the Word of Life; the Holy Bible. We take Jesus Christ; unapologetically, as the Lord of our spirit, the Master of our souls and the Savior of our bodies. We believe the Holy Bible is the Manual of Life needed by all human beings to navigate their ways through life on earth. Here at EOCC, we shall provide a Christ-centered, Word-based, quality and free education to young men and women around the world using modern technology.

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