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Today, in a rapidly-changing world such as ours, the concept of traditional mortar-and-brick education where instructional delivery is one-on-one is severely challenged. Old culture, like the Old Media, is threatened by New Education powered by modern technology and the New Social Media through the Internet and World Wide Web.

Today, the poor youth in rural Gondar, Ethiopia, can compete favorably with his counterpart in Vienna, Austria, at the same time, the world should give a girl in Mwanza, Tanzania, an opportunity to compete with her counterpart in Canada’s Vancouver.

In our globalized competitive world, EOCC will give a platform to needy children/youth in Flankers and Hart Street in Montego Bay in Kingston, Jamaica; Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India and opportunities to more than 10.5 million out of school youth in Nigeria to have access to both formal and Christ-centered education via mobile technology. By leveraging on the power of social media and modern technology, poor children/youth in Chittagong, Bangladesh; Mombasa, Kenya; and Soweto, South Africa can aspire to the same goals as their affluent counterparts in Hamburg, Germany; Melbourne, Australia, and Helsinki, Finland.

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Emmanuel Online Christian College (EOCC) is inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit anchored on the revealed words of the Almighty God contained in the Word of Life; the Holy Bible. We take Jesus Christ; unapologetically, as the Lord of our spirit, the Master of our souls and the Savior of our bodies. We believe the Holy Bible is the Manual of Life needed by all human beings to navigate their ways through life on earth. Here at EOCC, we shall provide a Christ-centered, Word-based, quality and free education to young men and women around the world using modern technology.

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